27 Things I’d Rather Do Than Run

I look like I run. I ran competitively for 5 years before I started climbing and “for fun” for another two years after that. Then something happened: I stopped running. And now I understand why people say they hate running. It’s sweaty, time-consuming, boring, too slow and too fast at the same time, and nowhere near as fun as climbing rocks. I “try” to run (or elliptical) once a week for 20-30 minutes to check off “doing cardio” for the week, but there are so many things I’d rather do than run. Here are 27 of them in no particular order:

This face = How I feel about running.
  1. Climb rocks outside – duh.
  2. Climb plastic holds inside.
  3. Do 50 hangboard pull-ups.
  4. Walk.
  5. Go to King Soopers in search of gummy candy.
  6. Eat cookies.
  7. Eat cookie dough.
  8. Make cookie dough.
  9. Attempt to bake cookies in the EVO toaster oven.
  10. Sleep.
  11. Practice yoga. (I rarely have to shower after yoga. I always have to shower after running.)
  12. Eat nachos.
  13. Campus (and I’m remarkably bad at campusing).
  14. Unload the dishwasher.
  15. Hike bouldering pads to little rocks that are too hard for me to climb.
  16. TRX abs (so hard, but over faster than running).
  17. Lie in my sleeping bag and listen to podcasts.
  18. Freelance – no one pays me to run.
  19. Do laundry.
  20. Check my P.O. Box in hopes of freelance checks and King Soopers coupons.
  21. Call my mom.
  22. Call my sister.
  23. Call my dad for life advice.
  24. Spin around in swivelly desk chairs.
  25. Sit normally in swivelly desk chairs.
  26. Stare into the refrigerator.
  27. Watch “Will it Blend” Blendtec videos on YouTube.

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  1. Preston O says:

    Well now all I watch is those “Will It Blend” vids so thanks for that

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