11 Reasons Crop Tops are the Shiznaz

  1. Supreme breathability. You know when you’re hiking with your crash pad stuffed full of gear and your back immediately becomes sweaty? Not fully covering your midriff with a crop top keeps your core from overheating, while also showing off your 4-star abs.
  2. They’re a whole 0.3 ounces lighter than the average full-length shirt, so you’ll have that much less weight holding you back from sending your proj. (Since we both know the weight of your shirt is what’s holding you back….)
  3. They take up less space in your drawers/suitcase/backpack — ‘cause less fabric = less space. 
  4. They keep your sports bra clean. And chalk out of your chest hair. 
  5. It’s like wearing a shirt, without having to wear a real shirt. Perfect for hot days when you want to go shirtless, but everyone else has decided to sweat it out in a t-shirt. Also great for when you’re at the gym and they have those ‘You must wear a shirt to be in this facility’ signs everywhere. 
  6. They don’t get in the way of your sport climbing harness. No more having to tuck your shirt under your harness, only to realize you can no longer fully raise your arms, or worse, having excess fabric covering the top carabiners on your draws when you’re at a cruxy onsight draw-hang.
  7. They don’t get in the way of your trad harness either, which for most of us is the same harness as #6, just loaded up with more, heavier gear.
  8. You can use the shirt bottoms you cut off as cleaning rags. They’re great for cleaning your car and leaving in your camping bin to clean up gnar spills, and you won’t feel bad throwing them out when they get beyond gross. 
  9. If Britney Spears (and Nina Willams) wear them, you probably should too. 
  10. You can go straight from climbing to clubbing*. *Okay more like the nearest local microbrewery for (hopefully) post-send brews. 
  11. You’ll look friggin’ hot. Nuff said.


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  1. tom says:

    I opt for the Britney criteria

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