If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit: A Flow-Chart Guide to Climbing Shoe Sizing

Looking for a new pair of shoes but want to ensure a performance fit without causing (too much) permanent damage to your toes? Here’s a flow-chart guide to help you find the perfect pair, as downsizing to the point of crippling pain (or, less commonly, out of control upsizing) will only make you hate your shoes and…

Gear Review: The Belay/Approach Croc

All rubber, all colors of the rainbow, and complete with back strap: The croc is a 21st century climbing staple. Approach shoes are great for miles of class-four scrambling, but for a half-mile stroll to the crag—a ten-foot walk if you’re at Rifle Canyon or Horse Pens 40—the croc is a much more breathable, affordable option….