Super Helpful Beta That Applies to Every Climb

“It’s good.”

“All the holds are there.”

“I onsighted that one 3 years ago.”

“Everyone does it a little bit differently.”

“All I remember is that I flashed it.”

“It’s harder for tall/short/weak/inflexible/average people.”

“The crux is cruxy.”

“With the right beta it’s easy.”

“Have you tried using your feet?”

“Don’t mess with the feet, just campus it!”

“It’s a jug.”

“It’s a little awkward.”

“It’s straightforward once you know the beta.”

“It’s tricky.”

“There are lots of different betas.”


“Just keep going.”


“Try hard.”

“Try harder!”

“Stop over-gripping.”

“Just grab the jug.”

“Try to look like you’ve rock climbed before.”

“You got it.”

“Stop being a weeny.”

“Just don’t chuff.”

“It’s temperature dependent.”

“I think there’s a redpoint crux.”

“Just don’t fall, and you’ll do it.”

“Go for it.” (Also “gopher it”–by this time your partner isn’t listening to you anyway.)

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