The Ten Commandments Part 2: Trad Climbing

1. Thou shalt never fall. 2. Thou shalt not associate with sport climbers; they are wimpy ethic-less bolt-clippers. 3a.  Thou shalt run out all easy sections. 3b. Thou shalt also run out all cruxes. 4. Thou shalt not become discouraged by extreme amounts of rope drag. However, thou shalt also not create excessive rope drag….

The Ten Commandments of Sport Climbing

1. Thou shalt think of tufas, training, red pointing, “the red,” fitness, your fingers, power-endurance, and/or clipping no less than 87.6 percent of your waking hours (and in at least 54.2 percent of your dreams). 2. Thou shalt not become a boulderer. Thou shalt only boulder for training and occasional fun. 3. Though shalt not drop thy partner…