The Ten Commandments Part 2: Trad Climbing


ten_commandments_traditional_climbing_coffeetapeclimb.jpg1. Thou shalt never fall.
2. Thou shalt not associate with sport climbers; they are wimpy ethic-less bolt-clippers.
3a.  Thou shalt run out all easy sections.
3b. Thou shalt also run out all cruxes.
4. Thou shalt not become discouraged by extreme amounts of rope drag. However, thou shalt also not create excessive rope drag.
5. Thou shalt keep an organized harness and never let thy slings dangle in the breeze.
6. Thou shalt never put unnecessary weight in the backpack.
7. Thou shalt always shout thy partner’s name before telling them something.
8. Thou shalt tirelessly work to better thy rope management and gear placements.
9. Thou shalt always tie knots in the end of thy rope when rappelling.
10. Thou shalt never forget thy nut tool.

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  1. Rob says:

    3a,3b totally do both those when it’s easy I’m like I got this no problem I’ll save the gear in case I need it later n cut down on rope drag. when it gets hard I’m like I don’t want to pump out placing gear I’ll wait till I get to a good stance.

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