Celebrating 100 Coffee Tape Climb Posts


Well, here it is folks: Post number 100. To celebrate nearly two years of writing and doodling about various aspects of climbing, I’ve put together some Coffee Tape Climb crowd and personal favorites. Enjoy!

power_of_homeworkouts_in_your_underwearMost Popular Posts:

  1. Gear Review: The Butora Acro
  2. Tie Back Those Flowing Locks (Also known as: How to Avoid Ripping Your Hair Out on a Climb)
  3. 20-Minute At-Home Workouts for When You’re Rushed or Just Feeling Lazy
  4. The Ten Commandments Part 2: Trad Climbing
  5. The Power of Doing Home Workouts in Your Underwear

Most Popular Doodle: If Climbing Genres were Types of Coffee

Number of Overall Page Views: 24,170 (as of Monday August 8, 2016)

Most Commented-On Post: the original “Climbing as a Girl: Sometimes You’re Not One of the Guys” essay on coffeetapeibuprofenclimb.blogspot.com*

*These are just a sampling of the comments. See hyperlink above for full post and all comments.

Some Favorite Quotes:

“If happiness is a rock and a pair of shoes, then dirtbags experience happiness a lot.” – Seven Reasons Why Dirtbags are Awesome

“There are many benefits to car camping. First, there is little setup required. There are no tent poles to assemble, stakes to pound into the dirt, or flies to line up over the tent doors. Most cars are waterproof, so all of your gear and clothing should stay dry inside. Better yet, you don’t have to stuff your vehicle, soaking wet, into a little bag after a rainy night like you would your tent.” – The Art of Car Camping

“I was hangboarding in the hotel stairwell today. I roped it to a pipe…It really makes you feel like a weirdo, being this shirtless dude in the stairwell maxing on small edges while housekeeping walks by.” – Alex Honnold in INTERVIEW: Alex Honnold on “Alone on the Wall” and Climbing While on a Book Tour

“For some odd reason, I was incredibly happy to be belaying in the rain. I was outside, the mist rolling in was beautiful, and the water pouring off the surrounding cliffs gave one the feeling of being in the center of a waterfall. I’d also remembered my rain jacket.” – Romping in the Rain

As an ending note: Please feel free to comment below if there are certain posts, topics, doodles etc. that you like, hate, want to see more of, find helpful, find useless, or have any other reaction to. I want to make future content as interesting and helpful as possible, and your feedback to make that happen is very much so welcomed and appreciated.

Best wishes and happy climbing! – Liz

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