The Power of Doing Home Workouts in Your Underwear


Most of us lead what we consider “busy lives.” We have jobs, families, school, attention-loving dogs, and dirty bathrooms that demand too much of our attention. For those of us die-hard weekend warriors who are forever squeezing seven days worth of commitments into Monday to Friday at 4:30 p.m., training at the gym three days a week isn’t always possible. This is when we resort to (underwear) home workouts.

Why not rock your boxers for a 10-minute Metolius workout?

You’re probably familiar with the home workout: 20-minute abs sessions or hangboarding from your basement doorway. The underwear part might be less familiar. Let me explain.

If your only free training time is the half-hour after you awaken in the morning, you can maximize this by jumping out of bed, starting your coffee maker, pulling off your pajamas, unrolling your yoga mat, and doing a 15- to 20-minute abs session. Then spend your remaining 5 to 10 minutes putting on deodorant–it’s like showering–and work clothes, grabbing your now-ready coffee and a bagel, and walking out of your home. Most of that time was spent in your underwear.

You can, however, do much more than just abs in your underwear. For example, try a 10-minute post-work underwear hangboard session with shoulder strengthening band exercises as your warm-up. Simply ditch your work cloths, plug in your favorite get-psyched playlist, and begin warming up. In this scenario, wearing just your underwear is beneficial for two reasons. One, you don’t have to waste time fully changing into athletic clothing. And, two, you will remain much cooler than if you were wearing a shirt, causing less finger perspiration and therefore better grip on your hangboard–or rock rings in my case.

Other benefits of working out in your underwear include not having to wash your favorite Prana tank as often and easily seeing the results of your training–think six-pack abs and jacked biceps/forearms–the moment you walk by a mirror insanely pumped. You also don’t need to find the time or motivation to change clothing.

For ladies, wearing a sports bra or regular office-appropriate bra counts as training in your underwear. I use a sports bra and underwear combo for most of my Monday, Wednesday, Friday abs sessions; since, I’m often squeezing them in during a lunch break between classes. Guys, feel free to try this combo as well; wearing a sports bra, while potentially unnecessary, counts as working out in your underwear for you too.

But, with all that said, if putting on your favorite pair of Black Diamond shorts and Five Ten approach shoes gets you motivated to train in your basement, then by all means slip them on over your underwear–Or go commando; you are at home.


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  1. Great read. Boxer briefs are fine right?


    1. Liz Haas says:

      For sure; only tighty-whities are questionable.

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