Gear Review: Point6 Socks for Odor Control and All-Day Comfort


I have smelly feet. My sneakers usually aren’t too funky; since, I wear socks with them 98.7 percent of the time. But my climbing shoes smell terrible. My comfy multi-pitch/gym shoes are the worst–my sweaty bare feet remain in them for hours without air. To give you some additional insight: my two comfiest pairs smell bad enough that I cannot leave them in my backpack overnight.


This is where Point6 (P6) socks come in. No, I haven’t started wearing them in my climbing shoes; there’s no way they’d fit. But I do wear them before and after climbing in said shoes, and they smell significantly less bad at the end of a long day than any other pair of socks I own–and I own a lot of socks. To really test their anti-smell properties, I even wore them two climbing days in a row, before and after I wore my smelliest climbing shoes. After letting them “air out” overnight, there was barely any trace of feet left the next day. I have never owned another pair of socks with such magical odor-repelling qualities.

But beyond not smelling as bad as my feet, P6 hiking and running socks are incredibly comfortable. I’ve worn them on approaches, car rides to the gym, and around campus on chilly days, and my feet have never been itchy or otherwise uncomfortable in their Merino wool cocoons. Especially with my thicker pairs, my feet feel amazing when I first slip them on, and then I forget about them until I go to take them off: The true mark of a good pair of socks.

The best part about P6, however, is the way they do business. Not only do they guarantee all of their products for life–an outdoor enthusiast’s favorite words–but they recycle all used socks returned to them into homeless relief blankets. They also work to ensure the well-being of their New Zealand sheep and the farmers who raise them and to reduce their waste during manufacturing to be good stewards of the environment that we love to climb, hike, ski, paddle, and just chill out in. They’re also made in the US of A.

The only negatives I’ve experienced thus far are when I decide to wear medium weight hiking socks in 35-degree temps, and my feet get cold after I’ve completed the approach–this is my fault, not P6’s–and when I haven’t done laundry in three weeks, and all my pairs are dirty (but not that smelly). I’ve had one of my pairs of P6 running socks since August, and it’s only just now beginning to get its first few pills.

I’m a sock fanatic and own enough pairs to go at least a month without doing laundry. So when I get psyched on a pair of socks, it’s either covered in adorable animals or is incredibly comfortable, durable, and versatile. Point6 is the latter. Five stars.

For more information about Point6 products–they have hiking (think approach), skiing, snowboarding, cycling, running, compression, and “active life” socks in a variety of thicknesses and colors–and the company’s mission, visit their website. 

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