The Ten Commandments of Sport Climbing

ten_commandments_sport_climbing 2.JPG1. Thou shalt think of tufas, training, red pointing, “the red,” fitness, your fingers, power-endurance, and/or clipping no less than 87.6 percent of your waking hours (and in at least 54.2 percent of your dreams).
2. Thou shalt not become a boulderer. Thou shalt only boulder for training and occasional fun.
3. Though shalt not drop thy partner and must do thy best to always give soft catches.
4. Thou shalt not short-rope thy partner.
5. Thou shalt not wear a belay device on thy harness whilst single-pitch sport climbing.
6. Thou shalt not (excessively*) hangdog.
7. Thou shalt always hang draws on the anchors if someone else (including yourself) is climbing the route after you. Thou shalt always carry one extra draw just in case.
8. Thou shalt never take cleaning carabiners. They are not leaver-biners.
9. Thou shalt never say “off belay” at the anchors unless you’re rappelling off.
10. Thou shalt always check thy own knot and thy partner’s knot before beginning to climb.

*excessively=more than 1.79 hours per 30-meter pitch.

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  1. Dre says:

    Someone listened to episode 106 of the enormocast…


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