Post Dawn Wall Predictions

Because you haven’t heard enough about the Dawn Wall in the past three weeks…Here are some of my post Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson free-climb FA predictions:

Fitz Caldwell continuing the legacy of crushing. Photo courtesy of Tommy’s Facebook.
  • Adam Ondra will book a flight to California ASAP to try to onsight the Dawn Wall.
  • Kevin Jorgeson will incorporate skin strengthening exercises into training for subsequent projects.
  • Young children named Tommy, Tom, Thomas, and Kevin will all have climbing gym birthday parties.
  • The average climber will be inspired but otherwise unaffected besides perhaps being asked by non-climbers if they too plan to try the Dawn Wall on their next long weekend.
  • The average non-climber will still get free climbing and free soloing mixed up. They will remain ignorant of bouldering’s existence.
  • General gym attendance will increase for a month; few will go more than once.
  • Tommy Caldwell will begin searching for his next seven-year project after his month in Patagonia with his wife, Fitz, and Alex Honnold.
  • The Dawn Wall will see increased traffic.
  • The general media will still not understand climbing lingo the next time something like this makes the news.
  • Fitz will be crushing routes long before kindergarden (though, this would have happened whether or not Tommy sent the Dawn Wall). His first ascent of El Cap will be climbing (not hiking) from the ground up.

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