Monday Psych


Unless you’re living the dirtbag dream or happen to work a job where you have Mondays and Tuesdays off, Monday probably isn’t your favorite day of the  week. Whether you’ve just spent a three-day weekend camped out under your project, took a few “active rest days” to hit the slopes during the off season, or got stuck running errands and only had time to do a few four-by-fours at the gym, your psych is probably suffering considerably by lunch. Dreaming of next weekend only makes it worse. Thinking of your 90-minute hangboard and abs session tonight doesn’t help either. This is when you turn to the internet for inspiration.

Here’s a little something to get you started:

Looking at pictures of rocks is nice. Watching the behind the scenes of Jimmy Chin filming in Yosemite is better:

Do you love training, talking about training, and/or listening to others talk about training? If so, check out the TrainingBeta Podcast, where you can hear contradicting interviews from trainers and climbers including Alex Puccio and Adam Ondra about how you should train six to 93 hours a week, run but not run, and eat mostly fat while being a paleo vegetarian.

WATCH: Hazel Findlay spills her secrets for freeing El Cap and explains how to win over a girl:

Utilize this chart to get psyched for your next camping trip and to remind yourself of the best practices for pooping in the woods.

Print these posters and hang them in your cubic, on your fridge, and/or in your bathroom to stay (or get) motivated for mountaineering.

Bring these to ladies’ training night.

This has nothing to do with climbing, but it seems to elicit a strong desire to mountain bike along picturesque hillsides:

It’s Monday. Get psyched.

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