11 Reasons Biking is > Running

  1. You’re sitting down 95% of the time.
  2. More distance for less effort = more better. Ask me to bike 5 miles: no problem. Ask me to run 5 miles: I’ll have several problems.
  3. Cruising. It takes significantly more effort to run down hill than it does to stop peddling and let gravity and your bike do the work for you.
  4. You can go approximately one hell of a lot faster on a bike. Which is approximately three hells of a lot more fun.
  5. Jumps are actually fun on a bike. You know this is true, because in running they’re called hurdles.
  6. You’re 768% more likely to say ‘WHEEEEEEE’ on a bike than you are while running. (See numbers 4 and 5 above).
  7. You have significantly more gear to geek out over. What do runners geek out over? Sneakers? Fanny packs? Water vests? Bikers can geek over all that AND bikes and bike parts. (And can you tell I know not-that-much about bike gear?)
  8. Feeling the breeze in your leg hair 100% of the time—not just when it’s windy.
  9. Wearing a backpack doesn’t suck nearly as much; since, there’s an average of 389% less chaffing when biking with a backpack than running with one. You also forget that you’re wearing the pack when biking. That never happens when you’re running.
  10. Carrying water also doesn’t suck, because you can use one of those neat little carriers that clips to your bike–no water sloshing at your hips or boobs for hours.
  11. I can slam tacos and immediately hop on my bike without fear of booting. If I did that and ran, my tacos would end up on the side of the trail…or best case scenario I’d be burping them up the entire time.

Okay so the helmet is the only slight downside, but let’s forget about that one.

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