A Week of Home Workouts Via YouTube

youtube_coffeetapeclimb.pngSome weeks you’re too busy to sneak away from work early for an afternoon outside, to do 4x4s at the gym, or even to design a home workout schedule for yourself. This is where YouTube comes in. I rarely find the motivation to make up and then do 10 minutes of core strengthening or pushups or stretching or anything else when my fridge and/or bed are calling my name after a long day; however, if I can mindlessly follow a yoga or Fitness Blender YouTube video for 20-40 minutes, I’ll make time for a little cross-training.

Here’s a work-week’s worth of home stretching and strengthening videos to help keep you fit for next weekend.

Sunday Night Post Climbing: Quick Abs

Sneak in a little training (you can find/make 10 minutes to strengthen your core) right when you get home to start prepping for next weekend while you’re still riding Sunday’s psych.

Monday: Body Awareness, Strengthening, and Stretching with Yoga (a few options: pick one)

My favorite practice:*

*(Warning: Adriene is a little quirky, but she’s a registered yoga instructor whose videos are high quality and easy to follow.)

Another option:

Great for beginners (or yogi skeptics) with climbing-specific modifications:

Tuesday: Abs and Shoulders

Keep your shoulders healthy with these exercises. (Yes, they are on Vimeo, but it’s like following a YouTube video.)

Recommended Addition: If you have a hangboard or rock rings, I’d suggest doing 1-3 sets of a 10-minute Metolius hangboard or rock ring workout, 50-100 pull-ups, OR your favorite hangboard workout to get in a little climbing-specific upper body and finger strength training. Follow this with 50 push-ups to balance out your pull muscles.

Wednesday: HIIT Cardio for Strong Legs and General Fitness

Optional: Make this workout harder and more climbing specific by doing jump squats or box jumps instead of the “flutter-kick squats” for more dyno power.

Also Optional: Pick one of Tuesday’s hangboard or rock ring options for more climbing-specific training, but only if you aren’t too sore or tired from the day before–this is also an option for tomorrow instead.

Thursday: Abs

Or do arms and abs together for some extra antagonist-strengthening push-ups:

Recommended: Repeat Tuesday’s shoulder strengthening exercises.

Optional: Pick one of Tuesday’s hangboard or rock ring options for more climbing-specific training (but only if you didn’t do this Tuesday and Wednesday too).

Friday: Morning Yoga to work out the kinks before a weekend of climbing.

For Energy:

For a little more of a challenge if you’re feeling strong:

Now enjoy your weekend of climbing!

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