The Gym Guide Pyramid: What I Look for in an Indoor Climbing Facility

Living in Boulder, CO, I’m a two mile walk/drive/bike ride from three of the country’s best climbing gyms, four if you count ABC Kids, and a twenty-minute drive from a brand-new EVO Rock + Fitness one town over. Naturally, I’ve visited every gym at least once and have enjoyed slightly different experiences at each. Now, while I’m not here to rate the Boulder-area climbing gyms–I haven’t climbed at all of them enough to give such comprehensive advice at this time–I will tell you what I look for in a facility: pyramid style.*


NOTE: If the weather is nice and I have 3+ hours of free time during daylight hours, this pyramid is irrelevant: You’ll find me climbing outside.

*Like the old Food Guide Pyramid and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the items at the bottom of the pyramid are the most important in my consideration of whether or not to climb in a facility (provided I have options), while the items toward the top are less important in my decision making.

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