The Climbing Destination Acronyms You Should Be Using


You’ve likely heard of “The Red,” and maybe “The New,” but when have you ever heard someone say “The Virgin River Gorge”–we all know it’s the “VRG.”

With so many something river gorges and other “long” climbing destination names, we’ve naturally begun to communicate via acronyms and other shortened word/letter/number combinations (HP 40) when discussing outdoor plans. While you likely know and use many of these express nicknames, here a few you should consider adopting:

The RRG: Pronounced like the kid-friendly pirate sound “arrrrrgggggh,” this shortening of The Red River Gorge is much more fun to say than “The Red.”

The NRG: Why say “the New” when you can flash back to the day you learned to shorten “energy” to “NRG” while hastily scribbling your high school chemistry notes.

The ORG: The Owens River Gorge just got way more fun to say. Correct pronunciation: (as fast as you can) “O” “R” “G”.

MC: Maple Canyon. Also master of ceremonies and mic controller.

JT: Never again confuse J-Tree hand salve with desert climbing in Joshua Tree National Park. Best said as if you’re talking about a beer-gut-sporting, 30-something male named “JT.”

AA: Use when referring to climbing in the Albuquerque area.

HD: California’s high desert. Probably not a destination per say, but fun to use when in the area.

ET: Phone home about New Mexico’s Enchanted Tower.

The LAB: Sound like you transform into a genius-nerd on the weekends with this shortened version of the “Los Angeles Basin.”

The Castle: Castle Rocks. Not to be confused with “CV”: Utah’s Castle Valley.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, just a few additions/tweaks to your current climbing destination vocabulary. You’re quite welcome to add your acronym ideas in the comments below. 


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