YouTube Movie Night: The Best Short Climbing Films (thus far) of 2017

The beauty of Reel Rock is in its variety and quality. The tour brings audiences a collection of the top climbing and adventure films from the past year. Each video is long enough to tell a complete story, but short enough that one’s attention never waivers.  In two hours, viewers travel around the world, watching athletes push the limits of every genre of our sport.

But who can wait for Reel Rock 12?

Here are seven of the best climbing films released thus far in 2017:

Big Wall Humor:

Free climbing El Niño on El Cap with Jacob Cook and Robbie Phillips

Making History:

Margo Hayes Sends La Rambla (5.15a)

Our Favorite British Offwidth Masters:

Wide Boyz: Spradventure

Sport Climbing Inspiration:

Michaela Kiersch: The Golden Ticket

Bouldering First Ascents:

Jason Kehl in Hueco

Seaside First Ascents From a Unique Perspective:

Greenland: The Offroad Trip

Best Mockumentary:

A Higher Crawling*

*Yes, this one is from Vimeo, but it’s pretty entertaining.

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