This Season’s Must Have: Off-White Gym Capris

Photo: Eamonn Swihart

Spring is here, and off-white is the new black when it comes to gym attire. No more chalk hand prints on your black yoga pants: light-weight, light-colored capris are here to keep you easy breezy beautiful for the season. Think I’m joking? I’m actually wearing my favorite pair right now. Here’s why:

I love weekday morning gym sessions, but I dislike having to cut my workouts (or socializing with my favorite front-deskies) short to shower and change before work. My two best friends: deodorant and off-white gym attire. Putting on a fresh layer of deodorant is like showering, and my pants perfectly hide all chalk marks from my coworkers and the grocery store cashier. Off-white is the perfect color to disguise my post-gym, chalk-covered disgustingness, whether I’m headed into work or out to a local microbrewery for a post-climbing beer.

So you’re probably sold on off-white now, but maybe not on the capris part. You’ve probably noticed your local climbing gym is noticeably warmer on sunny spring days than during the chilly winter months, meaning you no longer have to bring a belay jacket for climbing inside and instead have begun to complain about sweating off holds. You could take your shirt off to fix this issue, or you could invest in a light-weight pair of capris (you’ll now be even cooler when you take your shirt off). Your knees will remain safe from Walltopia wall abrasions, but your calves will be infinitely cooler as you Elvis-leg your way up that terrifying purple 5.11a slab route.

Photo: Eamonn Swihart

So here I am sitting at the office, un-showered post-morning gym session almost perfectly disguised in my off-white capris. If only I hadn’t forgotten my deodorant.

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