Confessions of a Beginner MoonBoarder

Everyone is right: The MoonBoard is friggin hard. Photo: Lynn Mandziuk 
  1. The giant middle white starting jug is by far my favorite hold. I’m secretly disappointed when “easy” problems start anywhere else.
  2. I get super psyched when I flash. It’s usually a 6b+.
  3. After the kickboard, the feet are rarely quite where I want them. Also, the kickboard feet are much slipperier than they look.
  4. I fall on my butt a lot. I’ve also skinned my elbows and banged my knees flailing.
  5. Most of my sessions involve me trying to send as many 6b+s as possible. It’s easier on the ego than failing at every 6c+ I try.
  6. The most impressive moves I’ve pulled involve backward running “dismounts” post wildly barn-dooring. I usually end such falls by raising my arms Olympic-gymnast-style.
  7. I spend almost as much time switching the lights around looking for “fun” (easy) problems as I do attempting said problems.
  8. The MoonBoard is rough on the skin, especially on the right side of my left thumb–Thanks favorite white starting jug.
  9. Why is the last move always so big???
  10. I once lit up the V13, looked at the holds, touched none of them, laughed a little, and went back to my 6b+ to 6c+ filter.


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  1. allezgirl says:

    I too had almost the exact same first impression. I slipped off the starting feet more times than I’d like to admit, I immediately spotted the one jug on the wall and hoped all routes ventured to it, and my skin was pretty sore after one evening session. Overall though, I quite enjoyed it! 🙂

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