The Ten Commandments of Dirtbag Grocery Shopping

Ten Commandments of Dirtbag Grocery Shopping
Sending Sketti

I. Thou shalt always look for the store brand first.

II. Thou shalt never set foot in Whole Foods unless someone else is buying.

III. Thou shalt shop all the reduced produce and day old baked goods sections FIRST.

IV. Thou shalt next shop the sales only for items on thy grocery list.

V. Thou shalt buy bananas, the cheapest of the fruits.

VI. Thou shalt also buy (store brand) peanut butter.

VII. Organic = expensive. Thou shalt not buy.

VIII. Thou shalt obtain and utilize a store rewards card for 10 cents off gas points.

IX. Thou shalt use coupons.

X. Thou shalt never buy sushi or other prepared deli section meals/salads unless they have a highly reduced “about to expire” price sticker. These are way too expensive and rarely taste better than “meh.”

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