Year-long Birthday Challenge: 25 Things To Do During Year 25

I might be having that new-age quarter-life crisis thing other millennials have told me about.

Last Saturday was my 25th birthday. No, I didn’t do 25 pitches or boulders or V-points or any other sort of birthday challenge to celebrate. Instead, I mostly forgot it was my birthday. It felt like any other climbing day in North Conway, NH, just with my friends buying me chocolate coconut birthday donuts from dunks to pre-game cragging and beers and cheesecake after cragging.

BUT, turning a quarter century (wow that sounds old) has me thinking, what if I did a year-long birthday challenge of sorts to get out of my Boulder-bubble comfort zone and get overly-stoked on rocks and adventure again?

So, before I’m off my parents health insurance….25 things to do during year 25:

  1. Climb at 25 different areas
  2. Climb in 5 states that aren’t Colorado
  3. Climb outside of the US
  4. Spend 3 months (12 weeks) not in Colorado
  5. Spend 25 days outside October to April
  6. Send 5 5.13s
  7. Send 3 V8s
  8. Send 5.12a trad*
  9. Send 25 boulders V5 and up
  10. Send 25 sport routes 5.12 and up
  11. Climb 25 trad pitches
  12. Extreme sled
  13. XC Ski
  14. Hike a 14er*
  15. Deep water solo*
  16. Swim in an alpine lake*
  17. Surf*
  18. Swim in the Pacific* and Atlantic Oceans
  19. Buy a mountain bike*
  20. Write 25 blog posts (this counts as number 1)
  21. Create 25 YouTube videos
  22. Create 25 graphics
  23. Drink 25 beers (yes, this is a goal…and no I don’t mean drink 25 beers in a day…)
  24. Find a job where I can remotely at least 75% of the time*
  25. Put 10,000 miles on my van*

*Things I’ve never done before.

The basic millennial in me just realized I should probably have a hashtag for this. Ideas?

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