True Facts About the Second Flatiron

  1. More selfies are taken on the Second Flatiron every year than in the entirety of Yosemite National Park.
  2. There are 378 distinct routes up the Second not including linkups.
  3. The first ascent of the Second did not include the diving board.
  4. The average Boulderite climbs the Second 297 times in their lifespan.
  5. Alex Honnold soled the Second without using his hands…or feet.
  6. An average of 73 bears ascend the Second every year. An average of 7 bears descend the Second every year. #bearsdontcare
  7. Trees are “off” on the Second.
  8. 7% of attempted ascents result in chickening out.
  9. Most climbers get off route at least three times during any given Second Flatiron ascent.
  10. An average of 6.8 CU Freshmen are rescued from mid-way up the Second every September.
  11. 17% of Second Flatiron soloist are hot moms.
  12. 0.6% of  Second Flatiron soloist are hot dogs.
  13. 0.01% of  Second Flatiron soloist are hotdogs.

Editor’s Note: None of these facts are scientifically proven nor are they approved by the FDA. 

Photo Credit: Jess Sklut catching me texting on the Second. 

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